20 Economic Collapse Symptoms

crisis has come

In rollercoaster, there is usually a small introduction when moving is quite slow and not that frightening yet. The train calmly gets to the highest point and stops still for a second. But then it all starts with fall down and all other movements are absolutely uncontrollable for those in train. It seems that global economy is experiencing that very period – stopping still for a second.

Macroeconomic data evidently suggests that the world is facing real challenge this time. Nothing compared to 2008, but much worse. Trade is already decreasing dramatically.

Major Symptoms of the Coming Economic Collapse

There are lots of them. Those 20, revealed below, are on the buzz right now.

Symptom 1:
China’s exports fell by 11.2% on a year-on-year basis (yoy) in January.

Symptom 2:
Chinese import in January was even worse than export – dropped by 18.8% right away on a year-on-year basis.

Symptom 3:
it’s hard to believe, but import in China has been declining for 15 consecutive months.

Symptom 4:
export from India declined by 13.6% in January on a year-on-year basis.

Symptom 5:
export from Japan fell by 8% in December, while import fell by 18%.

Symptom 6:
the Japanese economy is in recession for the sixth time in six years.

Symptom 7:
the US export fell by 7% on a year-on-year basis in December.

Symptom 8:
US manufacturing orders have been falling for 14 consecutive months.

Symptom 9:
restaurants industry efficiency in the US has fallen to its lowest level since 2008.

Symptom 10:
Baltic Dry Index, an important characteristic reflecting bulk maritime transport cost, fell below 300 for the first time in history.

Symptom 11:
It is now cheaper to rent a large merchant ship than to rent a Ferrari.

Symptom 12:
truck orders fell by 48% in the US in January on a year-on-year basis.

Symptom 13:
due to adverse demand for trucks, Daimler has laid off 1250 employees in the US alone.

Symptom 14:
even provided that Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed to freeze production of oil at current levels, the price of oil WTI is still below 30 USD per barrel.

Symptom 15:
35% of all oil and gas companies in the world are at bankruptcy risk.

Symptom 16:
according to CNN, in 2015, 67 oil and gas companies went bankrupt in the United States.

Symptom 17:
the number of layoffs in the United States increased by 218% in January.

Symptom 18:
the gold prices growth shows the highest quarterly results in 30 years.

Symptom 19:
world stock markets are still in the “bear” territory, one-fifth of the world capitalization has been destroyed.

Symptom 20:
central banks do not have room for maneuver; Since March 2008, they have lowered interest rates 637 times, acquired assets of 2.3 trillion USD, and it is unclear what they are going to do in the next economic collapse.


And the more are yet to come!

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