Auschwitz Dancing


Auschwitz Dancing video was done by the Australian painter Jane Korman, Adolek Kohn daughter. The project was done on the territory of various concentration camps and Holocaust memorials throughout Europe. In some of the movie frames, you can see Adolek wearing a sweatshirt with “Survivor” inscription on it. His grandchildren wear yellow stars that Jews had to carry in the Nazism times.

Jane Korman says that she was trying to remind the new generations of the tragedy Jews had to overcome in the World War II period. Whenever Jane had any doubt about the appropriateness of the video parts she consulted with her parents. And they reassured her.

The video first appeared in Internet 5 years ago, and was removed due to copyright infringement. It used the song of Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”. You can still find that very video, but not on Jane Korman’s page any more.

During the last two years, the video was constantly attacked by the flow of negative comments with requests to remove it. Many comments are anti-Semite. This shocked Jane a lot. She is now in Israel working on her new project. And the muted video version you may view below or on her Youtube channel.

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