How to Survive in a Big City

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Living in a big city is an exciting experience but sometimes it feels daunting to keep up with the crazy rhythm and rules. And yet these rules are vital to helping you feel safe, comfortable and at ease wherever you go.

Whether you’re a tourist about to visit a megapolis or thinking of relocating to it, these tips on how to survive in a big city will come in handy.

1. Get a map app

Google Maps or other local map apps can be a great alternative to printed guidebooks: they are interactive and handy so make sure to install one on your device. However, this is not to say that you shouldn’t get a guidebook: sometimes, a printed map can literally save you, especially when your battery is low.

Councils in big cities also launch apps for particular neighborhoods or metro areas which means an essential local info is right at your fingertips. Make sure you have these apps on your phone to stay tuned.

2. Be thrifty

Financial independence is a never-ending struggle for big city dwellers and for a good reason: nothing can be easier than spending your entire month’s budget on a pair of fancy shoes or a new device. Big cities tempt you into buying new stuff all the time: everything is beautiful, sophisticated and seems to be a must-have. But before you do spend those savings of yours, ask yourself: do I really need this?

3. Remember about rush hours

Rush hours in a big city may come as a bit of a shock to someone who is used to a quieter urban scene. But the truth is that rush hours affect your entire schedule. Oftentimes, you have to get up a few hours earlier in the mornings in order to get to work on time. Sounds awful but the only way out is to avoid commuting during the rush hours if you can – and set to the important events way in advance.

4. Take care of your safety and livelihood

Basic precautions will help you stay safe in a new environment. Today, there are a lot of personal safety apps that you can download to your phone. When you feel you are in danger, you can tap the screen and the app will automatically alert your friends. Something as simple as that can save you in many dangerous situations which, unfortunately, often accompany living in a big city.

5. Go out into the streets and embrace your curious spirit

The best way to get used to your new surrounding is to study it at a close distance. You’ll never find out what awaits you in the big city by staying in your apartment. Go out, visit the nearby eateries, talk with local people and ask questions. Big cities are hubs that attract the most unusual people and you have a chance to gain exciting experience meeting them.

Plan your expenses carefully, arm yourself with useful information and, above all, enjoy your living in a vibrant, colorful and diverse community!


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  • Taxis are common obstacles in large cities. In an effort to respond to someone hailing a cab, taxi drivers often make sudden swerves to the edges of roadways. Keep a safe distance from taxis. Watch out for passengers entering and exiting taxis parked on the side of the road.