Forest Survival Tips for Summer

how to survive in the forest tips

These tips are for those who have to escape for some time in the forest in summer (come and visit this link if you need tips for winter). Imagine, you have to go away from the city where you live and have to hide in the forest nearby for some time. Usually this happens in war or some other kinds of aggression from other people.

Thus, you are not lost, you know what you are doing, you have some kind of gear with you (I hope so), etc.

This is not the perfect and full list, but some of the tips I have not met before so that those may be useful for your tips box.

Tip 1. It’s very obvious, but necessary.

If you have some time to prepare your run away, you’d better prepare yourself. You’ll have to take:

  1. Water and food supplies.
  2. Something to light a fire if you are not afraid to attract attention or to smell fire afterwards. Anyway, something not heavy for emergency is quite suitable.
  3. Clothes long sleeved and trouser lags long enough to tuck those into your boots (yeah, I know how it may look) – that will help you to cope with insects and save you from minor scratches which can be really annoying.
  4. Medications necessary for you. There are a lot of articles about what you may need.
  5. Anything else you need and are prepared to carry and save, especially if you have some kind of tent and sleeping bag.

Tip 2. You are there – in the forest.

You will find it easier to walk in the tall grass if you step with your feet turned 45 degrees out. This way you mat grass a bit and don’t mess your legs into it.

Next step is to go around and find a place suitable for your camp.

Tip 3. You have decided where to stay.

get water from treesIf you don’t have enough water with you and it’s a sunny day, you have an opportunity to get some for the next day if you have some plastic/cellophane bags with you.

Choose a nice deciduous tree close to you and exposed to the sun as much as possible (even if the sun is not visible right now or its cloudy). It should also be easy to reach its branches.

You need to gather as many branches (with leaves on them) as you can and put a cellophane bag on them. Then you’ll have to tie tight at the bottom of your package with a string or rope to prevent air get inside. Just like it’s shown on the picture. Be careful not to tear the bag if its thin.

The more bags you have and the bigger they are, the more water you will get. In hard times even tall grass may be used.

OK, you may go and prepare your camp now. Return in three hours or in the evening. And that’s what you’ll see.

got water from tree branchesWonderful, isn’t it? It won’t supply you with water for all time, but may be helpful under emergency circumstances. If there’s a sea or ocean not far away, you can mix a bit with salt as the water you get from the trees is distilled and there’s not much of it.

Don’t forget to remove cellophane from the tree completely and take it with you for utilization.

Tip 4. Fire (if you are going to make it).

forest spot prepared for fireTo have fire you need to have firewood for that. Don’t wait for too long, get prepared.

Dry vegetation is the best option and is easy to use even in rainy weather.

Next you have to prepare a place for your fire to prevent it turning into a wild fire. Clean the place up to the ground like on the picture.

If you didn’t take a kindling (eg, cotton), you can use the faded grass. Please, make sure to completely extinguish the fire, when he had you no longer need. If there is no water, it is possible to use, for example, sand. Don’t do that if you are going to use it the next morning. In this case, it can be easily lit up again with faded grass.

Tip 5. Food (if don’t have it with you).

You may learn to make traps for small forest animals and then try to catch them (it’s not as easy as it may seem). If you are not in the Northern areas, you may dig up some warms (they contain lots of protein). If you are near to a fresh water, try to catch some frogs that are not poisonous. Mice are much harder to catch but if you are lucky and trained to do that, you won’t starve any more.

Good luck surviving in the forest!

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