Home Savings in the Light of US Dollar Depreciation

protect yourself in crisis with gold

Are you worth your weight in gold?

Grand Upheaval

save in goldWhen you don’t control your savings – you don’t possess them in reality. If your dollars or other currencies are in banks you don’t control them. Any time the bank may block your payments and you won’t be able to do anything with that. Therefore, this article is aimed only at those who keep their savings at their own homes: either dug in the backyard or hidden at a safe place.

Of course, you may try to get your money out from the bank but it’s very hard to do. Specifically, it’s not quite clear why people keep their money in the US or European banks where the interest rate is too low to overlap inflation. When crisis happens they won’t see their money any more.

The global banking trend is to make people highly dependent – to turn all the money and mutual settlements digital. Such a trend is highly beneficial for financial authorities and states but very unfavorable for ordinary people.

Where to keep money

However, if you are smart (and lucky) you don’t keep your money in the bank. But you read the news and see what is happening around you (we recommend preparing a home kit in case of war). You see that the crisis is coming in the whole world. It seems, there’s no country to be left out this time. In the World War II, there was Switzerland where even Nazis could keep their savings freely and then use them after the war was over. They escaped to this country and continued their lives happily (unlike their victims).

This time there is no sign of such a country visible. The crisis approaches Switzerland stealthily, as well as other countries. Sooner or later most (if not all) of the currencies will lose their value and may be seize existence. All of our savings will turn to ashes.

Gold bars for home savings

In Grand Upheaval, we are sure that the only way to protect yourself from the future risks is to convert your money to gold. Real gold bullion bars. Not those papers in the banks with “gold” written on them, but the high standard metal in ingots (certified). If you are able to buy some, at least.

The only problem is that in most countries you are unable to buy that legally. In most cases, they sell you fabrications (wolframium bars plated with gold). In other cases, selling is restricted severely so that you’ll need years to convert your dollars to gold. And that’s not all.

Some other problems you may face

Transportation of gold is risky. If you live in a country or area with very high risk of war or armed conflict or marginal inhabitants or anything alike, you may find your life at a great risk when someone knows that you have gold. They will come and just take it away. It’s very hard to move it somewhere else. The transportation through borders is legally restricted as well. If your gold is not in bars but rather some kind of fancy jewelry there’s also a very high risk that it is fake (not real gold but rather gold plated). Anyway, its transportation is also restricted.

Legal gold saving will be gradually getting illegal. It is clear that governments are preparing for gold confiscation. Of course, they will give you some kind of paper in return saying that your gold is kept in this or that bank. Even now, physical gold cost is twice higher than futures prices.

Nevertheless, if you have a good opportunity to buy gold bars (or any other kind of real gold) and then keep it safely, you may do it in order to protect yourself from future crisis.

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