ISIS to Carry off Control Over Afghanistan from Taliban

who will control Aghanistan?

Clashes inside Taliban continue after Mulla Mansour was shot dead by other field commanders. The conflicts started with the death of Mulla Omar when field commanders started disputes who they were going to support: Mulla Mansour or Mulla Omar’s son. Thus, not all of them agreed with new leader proclamation.

Taliban is second only to the Islamic State and is the basement for Al Qaeda organization. Historically, Taliban controls Afghanistan and all the financial flows of the region.

Taliban Is Losing Control Over Afghanistan

The IS has already taken advantage of the situation in the Eastern part of Afghanistan. Reportedly, half of Talibs have sworn allegiance. The advance continues and we may soon observe the most powerful eastern organization. In fact, ISIS is becoming global now. Al Qaeda tries to struggle for its followers but its position is quickly weakening.

Great illegal budgets of the Afghanistan region will make ISIS even stronger.

What is next?

After Afghanistan, ISIS may turn its efforts to Pakistan. The situation is complicated by the presence of nuclear weapons in the country.

Thus, long-term investments into Pakistan are not recommended at the moment.


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