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future of Israel

In 2012, Kissinger declared that by 2022 Israel won’t exist any more. Reasons are many, but few are prevailing:

  1. Youth bulge in Palestine;
  2. Israeli-Palestinian confrontation requires more and more dollars;
  3. Israel’s existence damages global strategic interests of the USA.

Kissinger’s statement was first widely discussed but forgotten later on. In 2014, Kerry and Indyk tried to lead Israel to an agreement with Palestine, but efforts failed – at least, such was the political game. Now, on the 5th of December, Kerry warned that,

“The status quo is simply not sustainable and the fact of the matter is that current trends, including violence, settlement activity, demolitions, are imperiling the viability of a two-state solution.”

Possibly, that statements implies the same meaning that was first voiced by Kissinger. At least another part in Kerry’s Washington speech,

“How does Israel possibly maintain its Jewish and democratic character when from the river to the sea there would not even be a Jewish majority?”

may suggest that if there’s no way out of crisis now, the outcomes are highly predictable.

Finally, on December, 2d (yes, that’s earlier than 5th, but anyway), HIAS delivered a letter signed by 1000 rabbis of the USA in support for refugees coming to the United States. The letter mentions Jewish persecutions in Russia and times of Holocaust and focuses on current events in Europe from another perspective. But what if they are also preparing for something else?

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