Mini-Shengen for Extra Protection

Europe pro forma vs Europe de jure

One of the most widespread opinions in our days is that Europe will be turned in some kind of ghetto. Not all of the countries. Formally, Europe will be divided into the first world, the second world and the third world countries. Some of the govs make lots of efforts to add their countries to the first world class.

Thus, Catalonia has already declared its goal towards independency (Spain and Portugal are those to become third world and Catalonia doesn’t want to take part). 3 days ago, the Dutch cabinet initiated a special zone creation to guard their borders and check people that would want to enter.

First-World Europe

This special zone will include the countries of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Germany and Austria. France is not even mentioned here.

In the light of this site’s theme, those countries (mentioned above) are going to be safest to stay in Europe during the Third World War or global economic restructure. And Catalonia now has greater chances to survive.

Will Shengen be overridden? Perhaps. Will the European Union disintegrate? – you may read our previous article on the subject.

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