Russia preparing for big war?

defense in russia

There’s no secret – top authorities force Russia to enter big war. Some of the purposes are well known, others remain to be not that obvious.

Anyway, the fact is that Russia has become the new leader in war costs rate growth. Of course, the amount of spending is much less compared to more developed countries. At the same time, some 15-16% of budget shown in economic development part also imply defense bills. Thus, Russia is starting to spend nearly 35% of its budget on military.

The United States military costs amount to almost 50% of federal budget. This way, the USA control nearly 2/3 of the planet, lead several wars, equip their teammates (is calculated in billions). Aside from that, the US are leading in new war technologies development. They are the richest country in the world and can afford almost anything.

Some facts

russia preparing for big war

Reference. The Third Reich military costs were 39% of budget in 1936.


The Third Reich had to create its army from scratch, develop armor and tanks – they had nothing. While Russia is spending mostly on the repairs and modernization of the USSR remains.

Sociology reference. More that 60% of Russians consider that the situation in their country has worsened in the last time. At the same time, 75% of them consider that the reason of such a worsening lies in outside threats to country. Such a belief is characteristic to any demographic making it common to the whole population. That means that Russians think that theirs state worsening depends on some kind of outer enemy.


Nearly 5 million people in Russia have either military education or experience. Some Russian authorities statements also give a reason to conclude that Russia is preparing for a big war.

Who are they going to have a war with?

The Russian army is mostly terrestrial. This means there’s a big possibility for overland war with neighbors. The US army is 10 times bigger than Russian. It seems, there should be no direct war between the two countries. China is also strong and it’s no good for Russia to dispute with this neighbor.

The countries at risk (not necessarily, of course) may be: Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, Iran, Turkey, Caucasian countries. Eastern Europe is at a lower risk (almost no risk at all) except for Ukraine where the war my flare up with renewed vigor.


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