Surviving a Plane Crash

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There is a common belief that if you are involved in the airplane accident, you can hardly survive. Luckily, statistics gives us completely different information. Even the most deadly crashes have some passengers and crew make it alive.

Yes, it is very difficult to stay alive after a plane crash, but it is still possible. The key to survival comes down to several factors that must be taken care of both before boarding the plane and in the air. However, luck is also required.

Tips to Survive in an Airplane Accident

Today, we are sharing 5 simple tips for those who wish to survive an airplane accident. Read them carefully, they may save your life.

  1. Choose Direct Flights

Experts state that the riskiest time is the first 3 minutes after take-off and 8 minutes before landing. Most accidents often occur precisely at these phases of flight. If you choose indirect flights, you’ll double (or even triple) your risks to get in a plane crash. In case you have no choice but to change planes, try to be extra focused during the takeoff and landing time. It is better not to put off your shoes and valuable belongings. You should also keep in sight the two nearest emergency exits.

  1. Safe Seat

The next step is choosing a seat. According to the study made by the scientists from the British University of Greenwich, the passengers who sit in the emergency exit row or in the neighboring rows have the highest odds of surviving.

  1. Proper Brace Position

If the crash or emergency landing cannot be avoided, try to stay peaceful and not panic. Assume the brace position: put your legs together, lean ahead and place your hands around your knees, make sure your head is turned down and not sideways. The most crucial task here is to sink into the chair as low as you can. If you have a chance, check your pockets and remove all the sharp objects like pens and keys.

  1. The 90 Seconds Rule

The most critical time after the airplane accident is the first 90 seconds. If you manage to get off the crashed plane within this period of time, your chances to survive will significantly increase. Unfortunately, some passengers in the state of panic and shock are not even able to unfasten their seatbelts. To prevent such situation, try to unbuckle your seatbelt every now and then.

In March 2017, in the incident with the Antonov 26, in South Sudan, victims were avoided only because the passengers and crew managed to leave the airplane before it flamed out.

  1. Following the Accident

When you are on your way to escape the crashed plane, don’t even think about picking up your carry-on baggage. You will not have much time, plus, you’ll need two hands to get through the seats and bags. If you see smoke, find a piece of fabric to cover your mouth and nose. Even a few breaths of smoke can make you faint. Once you’re out, try to run as far from the crash site as possible in case of explosion.


So, these are all of our tips. I believe you’ve read them thoroughly and memorized all the essentials. I also hope that you’ll never get the need to apply them. Have a safe flight!

PS – if your plane landed in the woods, here’s a guide what to do in that case.

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