80 Tips for Surviving Economic Collapse

surviving whater it takes when economy collapses

Want to survive an Economic Meltdown?! (Disclaimer: under any circumstances, the tips below are NOT recommendations! Whatever you decide to do after reading the article is your sole risk and responsibility. Grand Upheaval is not liable for anything. Have fun!)

If there is one thing everyone doesn’t wish to happen is for world economy to collapse but if there is one thing everyone knows they should do is take up measures to guard against this eventuality. Join me as I introduce you to some of the tips to help you save money and stay afloat in the event of a worldwide economic meltdown.

  1. Buying iced tea is a waste. Why not just brew your own cheap black tea at home and throw it in the fridge. Boom – money saved.
  2. Take salt and pepper packets from restaurants. I mean, they left them out for a reason, right?
  3. Pay attention to how you put gas in your car. Pump slowly as this lowers the amount of air going in your tank. Or better yet, just get rid of your car – that would be best.
  4. Liquid soap is free to use at the bars.
  5. Choose one day a week to do your errands and consolidate trips.
  6. Choose a 15w bulb instead of a 100w bulb for your home. Who needs to see anyway?
  7. Use candles to light your home. People lived thousands of years like this. You’ll be ok. Is there any other way to get your fiancé used to candle lit dinners!
  8. Cut down on toilet paper use. No, you don’t need that much.
  9. Confucius says, the more children you have the more broke you will be.
  10. Dilute your dish soap.
  11. Clip tons of coupons. The people behind you in line at the grocery store will be thrilled.
  12. Stop going out to eat.
  13. They have apps where you can sell your clothing. Get down to the bare minimum.
  14. If something is a necessity, check out a garage sale or thrift shop.
  15. Carpool with your awesome coworkers.
  16. Freeload off your neighbor’s WiFi.
  17. Tell your female date you are pro-feminism and hand her the bill.
  18. Just hand your male date the bill.
  19. Use free newspapers as toilet paper. Softness is overrated.
  20. Pick up as many side jobs that you can – like writing articles.
  21. Reuse Keurig cups.
  22. Duct tape and super glue fix everything.
  23. Donate blood. Your body makes plenty of it.
  24. Drive around people for money with apps like Lyft. I’m sure it’s completely safe.
  25. Turn old clothes into new ones. For example, turn jeans into shorts. Got to live the cutoff look.
  26. Use a friend’s guest passes to gyms.
  27. Don’t buy name brand food.
  28. Save leftovers. Reheating meals sometimes taste better.
  29. Pirate your music. You didn’t hear that from me though.
  30. Buy meat in bulk, then separate and freeze.
  31. Go longer periods in between laundry days.
  32. Go longer periods in between showers. (If practicing #31 & #32 simultaneously, avoid people due to your smell).
  33. Go over to your friends when they rent a movie – $3.99 saved.
  34. Quit smoking cigarettes or roll your own. Some may need them to get through surviving the economic collapse.
  35. Check with your boss for some overtime. Brown noser.
  36. Cancel your cable. Here’s a novel thought: read a book.
  37. Move back in with your folks. They would love that.
  38. Grow your own food. Non-GMO is yummy.
  39. Sign up for free customer rewards programs and receive crazy amounts of junk mail.
  40. Invite friends over instead of going out – in your very dark home.
  41. Spend time on your children, not money. They say this is what they prefer.
  42. Cut up your credit cards. Those things are evil.
  43. Unused club memberships can add up. Cancel what you do not use or could go without.
  44. Wash your hands. Catching dirty germs from that door handle saves you from losing work and paying some medical bills.
  45. Put a reminder on your refrigerator of your debt. You can’t pretend anymore.
  46. Try to fix things yourself. Everything is on YouTube that you’re watching on your friend’s WiFi.
  47. If you didn’t get rid of your car – inflate your tire pressure. You get better gas mileage.
  48. Cut your own hair. Just don’t do it in your dark apartment.
  49. Consolidate your student loans. We paid a pretty penny for it, at least try to save when paying it back.
  50. Learn about all the benefits your employer offers. Somewhere in tiny writing there may be something you could use to save some dough.
  51. Make your own cleaner. My go to is vinegar and water.
  52. Stop speeding. The government gets enough of your money don’t give them anymore with fines.
  53. Exercise any way you can. You might not be saving money now but you will when you’re 70.
  54. Use online bill pay options. No stamps!
  55. Set your priorities. I would love to call in on a Monday and goof off for a day, but this responsibility thing says I can’t.
  56. You know that thing we had before kindles and the internet? The library? Use it. Get reading materials since you cut down on TV watching or rent some DVDs.
  57. Get rid of your home telephone. Use your cellphone like everyone else.
  58. Drink less alcohol. This is never a fun idea but your wallet and your waistline will thank you.
  59. Write down when you make a payment and when your next one is due. This avoids the late fees. Ahh, responsibility.
  60. Reuse plastic sandwich baggies.
  61. Stop drinking soda. Just like the alcohol, your wallet and gut will thank you.
  62. Find a bank with high savings account interest rates.
  63. Avoid using ATMs. The suck the money right from your account.
  64. If you don’t want to cut your hair in your dark apartment, go to a local beauty school. At least it will be better than what you would do.
  65. Turn your heat down during the winter and add on the layers.
  66. Unplug your phone and laptop chargers. Phantom power run through them as a standby mode and run up electricity bills.
  67. Go to the matinee movie if you are treating yourself. They are less expensive.
  68. Hang up your clothes after washing. Less electricity and longer life for your clothes.
  69. You may be loyal to your grocery store but compare circulars to see who really has the best prices.
  70. Food can be eaten past the expiration date if stored correctly. No, that green stuff is not normal or healthy.
  71. Trade in some meaty meals with some fruits and veggies to save some green.
  72. Don’t leave all your junk in your car. Most weight equals more gas money spent.
  73. Use public transportation.
  74. Make a grocery list and stick with it. Put the Oreo’s down.
  75. Restore or build your own furniture.
  76. Plan a trip way in advance to save money.
  77. Tell your friends you can’t spend the money.
  78. Not everything in your life needs to be purely organic. Know when to skip it.
  79. The Dollar Store is your best friend.
  80. Get a better paying job!!!

Written by: leaperry.

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