Tajikistan Risks to Face ISIS in the Near Future?

Tajikistan flag

The new Silk Road long-planned by China to enhance its economy may result in such a great destruction for the US economy that in order to prevent it the wars in Syria and Ukraine were initiated.

China, in its turn, is not going to give up the idea of one belt, one road (announced by Xi Jinping in 2013). The global risks mean that there should be a dispersal field for circumstances of force majeure. It seems that China has chosen not only maritime silk road but also its terrestrial option.

Skeptics argue that investing into a new road through Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other regions bypassing Russia is useless and too expensive. Our new article focuses on the perspectives of the new silk road overland. But now let’s look at the map closer.

Tajikistan on the global map

Tajikistan geographical position on the North of Afghanistan is making it the next goal for ISIS in its hunt for minds. The ease ISIS is taking over Afghanistan is astonishing and Tajikistan should be even easier.

China will have to intervene to sustain control over the territory which is traditionally controlled by Russia. However, Russia may try to stay aside from the conflict.

The question who wins from such a disposition: the USA or China – is still open.

Google map – Tajikistan


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