Top 5 Professions to Survive in War

top 5 professions to survive in war

No fence against ill fortune. However, if you are a master in one of these professions you shouldn’t be afraid. You will always have greatest chances to survive even in the hardest times.

  1. Medic – any kind.

Doctors, nurses and other medical professions are needed everywhere. Medics survived in concentration camps, in wars and even catastrophes.

  1. Equipment and devices repair/service master.

If you have skillful fingers and a good portion of gumption you can consider this kind of job. The harder the times the more people need to repair just everything they have. Starting with ordinary breakings of their devices like generators and ending with, say, a flashlight.

  1. Shoe repair master.

In really hard times, people usually learn how to sew their clothes themselves, but shoes are much harder to learn and get. Especially if you live in cold areas.

  1. Technologist of anything that matters.

If you are able to make alcohol, synthesize medications, cleansers, bactericides or anything of that sort that is hard to get when it comes to war, you will never be hungry.

  1. Military or former military.

Especially one with leadership qualities and experience. I guess this one doesn’t need any additional comments.

Depending on the situation and your surroundings, anything else you are able to do swiftly and effectively may be helpful. Practical skills and experiences are very important. By the way, learning something new and of practical use is also funny and interesting right now when nothing threatens your life. In the hope you will never need it. 🙂

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