The Time of the Western Economic Model Is Over?

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Mikhail Khazin is a famous Russian economist. The following article is a narration written after his interview on global future perspective.

Middle Class Emergence

The fact is that up to 1980s of the last century, social stability in the cities rested upon traditional values and family, above all. The liberal model that refused the traditional values and replaced them with the law was established in the eighteenth century. But it was impossible to implement, because it is hard to make a poor man to respect the law.

Those who are poor know for sure: the law exists for those who are rich. It is needed to help doing worse to poor. When in 1981, at first in the United States and then around the world, governments began to stimulate demand, a very large middle class in Europe and the United States was created as a result. The life in these countries is determined by spending and not income. If your demand is stimulated, you can become middle class even when your income is not that high. It emerged first in the USA.

At the same time, you can be a part of the middle class for a limited time only. When a person retires, they cease to be a middle class. The house cannot be transferred by inheritance, because it is made of plywood, and it is completely broken in forty years (mostly, but not always of course). People go to work in their twenties, get a mortgage. They live then their next forty years raising children and all that, and then it disappears into nowhere. And children already have to earn their status on their own.

Liberalism Emergence

Mikhail Khazin continues, the middle class needs a law, because it possesses some property which has to be protected. Thus, the whole social system of the West was restructured for the sake of the liberal model and the rule of law. Liberalism is needed to make people not eager to learn, not trying to sort out, but only consuming. That’s the reason, they need to eliminate the family as the main source of traditional values.

They have raised a strange generation of consumers, which does not believe in God, nor in the family. At this point, it turns out there is not enough money. What shall we do? As a result, there is a new class – the new poor ones – people who will have no money ever, but their education was done within the middle class framework: they believe in the law, request respect for human rights, but they are kicked and insulted instead, because they are poor.

These people (the new poor) will not go out to protest in the street. According to the expert, a global error has been made, both in the US and in Western Europe – global migration. Africans and Latinos in the USA, and refugees in the Western Europe. The problem is that these people have grown up in the traditional values system and it is very difficult to force them into liberal ideas.

You won’t be able to get a man raised traditionally with some liberal gadgets. He doesn’t believe those as he knows for sure their devilry nature. These people can not be re-educated, as they have a strong traditional base. They are those who may go out in the streets. Lots of people go to the US prison, millions of them become Muslims, ie, people with traditional values – and all that includes. And all the new poor become their support system. You can catch one terrorist, or two, well, fifty, but not 50 million people – it is impossible. The Western model of society is over.

New Global Order Social Model

the start of Arabic revolutionAccording Khazin, next society model has to be based on dictatorship of one of the traditional values version, and he accounts for three of them: nationalism, faith, communism. National version is developed in Poland, Hungary, Albania. Germany as well has some similar prerequisites, there, the expert reminds, at the same time with all the riots and mass rape they began to sell Hitler’s book “Mein Kapmf”. As for faith, the Muslim platform is traced very well.

The Christian plfatform is not visible in this crisis, but Muslim one is clearly visible – ISIS. He says – we fight for justice and those who are against come from devil and have to be killed. What would you say to a man 35 years old? He knows what he already has to have an apartment, a car, etc. He is not married yet because he has no money, but he has a girlfriend, and maybe even a child, who live on a welfare. Just then the ISIS recruiter comes. He explains who has to blame: they have spoiled your life, and you do not have anything. He cannot have a good job – he is 35. If the person is 35 and had not a day in his life working on a decent job, he will no longer be able to. So they tell him: take a gun and shoot. The third option is communism, it is sitting in an ambush, but will fire one day.


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