What is the New World Order?

what new world order means
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The definition “The new world order” is often misused by people who are fascinated with conspiracy theories. However, its actual meaning is much simpler. In politics each new period of international relations tends to be called a new world order. For example, the Cold War and bipolarity period was a new world order compared to the period between the two world wars.

The discussion about the order we are now living in is very popular among the experts in international relations. It started in 1992 when the famous book of professor Francis Fukuyama “The End of History and the Last Man” was published (Fukuyama, 1992). The author of this book made an attempt to analyze the system of international relations that was established after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He saw that the United States remained the only superpower on the planet at that moment. As a result – he made a suggestion that the new world order will be based on the ideology of liberal economic, political, and social values.

According to Fukuyama, the national state would be replaced with international political institutions based in the United States. However, Fukuyama’s concept didn’t come true because of the large cultural, economic, and civilizational differences between the residents of various countries. It appeared that it is impossible to combine liberal democracy with political and religious traditions of Eastern countries. That is why, we consider the theory of Samuel Huntington about “The clash of civilizations” much more verisimilar (Huntington, 1996).

The Clash of Civilizations

Its main idea is that there are several different civilizations on Earth. Their cultural, political, and economic differences are too large to make the world globalized. Samuel Huntington suggested that the new world order will become a clash of civilizations after a short period of American domination.

Putin in Munich on the New World Order

Huntington’s suggestion confirmed in 2007 as Russian president Vladimir Putin proclaimed his famous speech on the security conference in Munich. The main idea of this speech was that the world becomes multipolar because new political and economical powers are arising in the regions that where called “the third world” and “the second world” during the Cold War (Fischer, 2007).

Today, 10 years later, we can see new evidences that confirm the incorrectness of American globalization theories such as Fukuyama’s “End of history”. Russia, China, and some other countries already have their own areas of influence and continue to extend them. The American influence, on the other hand, is getting weaker as we speak. This trend aimed at creating a multipolar world is expected to be continued. Probably, it is the main factor that allows us to catch a glimpse of the new world order drawing ever nearer.


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  • Although some cultural critics see superconspiracy theories about a New World Order as ” postmodern metanarratives ” that may be politically empowering, a way of giving ordinary people a narrative structure with which to question what they see around them, Concerned that the improvisational millennialism of most conspiracy theories about a New World Order might motivate lone wolves to engage in leaderless resistance leading to domestic terrorist incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing ,