Where’s World Economy Moving?

world economy financial capitalism predicted by Orwell

Since 2009 we’ve been constantly hearing that, thanks to special measures, the economy is gradually growing and the crisis is over or at its end. Some critics, however, point out that the crisis had not even started by that time compared to what 2017 may bring us.

The so-called Western Economy is still decaying no matter how bright the statistics data they show us is. The European Union is still under question because of Greece and some other Southern countries whose national debts have gone beyond any rational level. EU government debt is obstinately moving towards 100% of GDP (around 92% at this very moment).

This only means that the EU economy is unable to recover without assistance and is going down.

Chinese economy is export-oriented, and has almost exhausted global economy resources. Local authorities know that very well, that’s why so many changes have been made for the last years. There still are 2 contradictory models inside Chinese clans. One group insisted on domestic market orientation, the other – on the greater liberalization of the market. Both models have their great disadvantage and hindrances. Some experts say, that China has to choose between the worse and the worst.

Overproduction crisis

Has globalization come to an end? The main problem of capitalistic globalization is its realization. If you have globalized the whole Earth with your model, where do you go next? Mars? That means that the system will collapse sooner or later.

Capitalistic model has reached its blind corner and many futuristic predictions may come true. Thus, there’s a theory on financial capitalism. Financial capitalism is a system with banks being the dominant part of it, where everything else is subordinated to the banking system. In such a system, there can be no unrest, social issues or anything of the kind.

Here, in Grand Upheaval, we hope to escape living with financial capitalism. Why? You may read Orwell’s 1984 if you want to see how it may turn for all of us.

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